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What is is online platform for the students and by the students. We provide you with the information about latest happening and ongoing trend. Be it hangout joints to bunking spots, from accommodation a.k.a sleeping addas to late night street ka khanna, saucy and peppy stories to hot and happening clubs and fest. From amazing theatre venues to the dynamic dancing discos, internships to putting up notices on online board. All these are ready to get explored by you so that you don't miss a chance to take away astonishing memories with you of your campus life !!!

So don't miss a chance. Register for campuspedia, add your hangout joints, stories,reviews because we believe in sharing and facilitating and the life you dreamt of livingĀ  as a college student .

About The Program campus ambassador program are for those students who are hooked to the uncle tom's maggie joint or to chandini chowk's chicken biryani corner..and nuts about the late night long drive in sexy rain downpour OR go on chattering about their first bottle of whiskey.

Because we desire to foster social innovation among college students as you are the soul,spunk,face and voice of campuspedia. That's not all, we also pinned to boom you and your friends in campuspedia's mindboggling activities

As a campuspedia brand ambassador you need to connect to the other bonkers like you and thereby play a vital role in making your college friends and students a part of this incredible venture in

Don't miss the chance, Join our team today!

Take Away

  • Experience of working with a startup.
  • Certificate of Association from
  • Add weight to your resume for being a Student Coordinator at
  • Interact with campus ambassadors around the city and gain a wide network of friends and colleagues in the long term.
  • Get personalized campus ambassador cards.
  • Opportunity to credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc.
  • Have your work published via social media platforms and internal newsletter.

Work Profile

  • Assist as a Campus Explorer to support of our goal to form huge student community of diverse campuses.
  • Publicize online and physically via posters,college festivals
  • List eating spots ,events ,disc ,theatres where you love to hangout with your friends
  • Divulge and help your friends ,students to post stories, reviews, notices ,their hangout joints on
  • Get feedback from your friends

Skills Required

  • Social skills-should be active and productive in college activities or clubs
  • Awareness-should be familiar with ongoing events/fest and hotspots
  • Passionate -Should be aroused about learning, creating, innovating ,helping and sharing.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: Energetic, leadership, relationship-building skills

How to Apply

Got a lewd smile after reading it all? Then undoubtedly this place is for you. So, to be the part of this incredible venture you need to REGISTER at and apply by filling the form below. So go ahead
Discover campuspedia.
Share campuspedia.
Lead campuspedia.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for phone interviews/personal interviews.

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